Atlas F1

Why Atlas F1?

  • Early, vigorous and excellent yielder
  • 20-50% higher yielding than UC 157 F1
  • Medium to large green spears with slight purple at the tip and butt
  • For use in both green and white production
  • Tightly headed for smooth appearance;┬átapering spears with cylindrical shape
  • Maintains tight head under hot growing conditions
  • Tolerant to fusarium, rust and cercospora foliar diseases
  • Free of AV II


Atlas F1 is an excellent high-yielding asparagus variety for use in both green and white production. Atlas F1 is tested for genetic purity and seed block inspected and certified by the California Crop Improvement Association, ensuring you receive the highest quality asparagus seeds.

" I would like to comment that our experience with Atlas in the sandy soils of the coast of Peru has been very good. This variety is well adapted to our environment, it shows a vigorous plant, with high number of stems, less susceptible to fusarium and with high yields. It is a variety that has performed very well in fields that were previously planted with asparagus. "

-Pedro Cisneros Z, Talsa, Trujillo, Peru