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105 Porchtown Rd., Pittsgrove NJ, 08318

Call: 856-358-2548 • Fax: 856-358-6127 • Email:

Ordering Information

To order our high quality hybrid F1 asparagus seed, contact us by letter, fax, phone or email. We require a minimum order of 1,000 seed.
Please provide the following information:

  • (for international orders)
  • Please give us the Agent Name, Company Name and Contact Information for your preferred freight forwarder.
  • Please select the variety(s) you would like to order.
  • Please tell us how many lbs or kg of each variety(s) is needed below. (Minimum order of 1,000 seed)
  • IF PAYING BY CHECK: Please write check to " Walker Bros, Inc. " payable in U.S. dollars. IF PAYING BY PAYPAL: Please note that we add 3% to the invoice for domestic PayPal orders, and 4.5% to the invoice for international PayPal orders.
  • Please share any additional information about your order with us here.
  • Terms

    After we receive your request, we will send an invoice and terms of sale via fax or email. Full payment is required prior to shipping. Once we receive payment in full, we will then begin to process your order. This condition must be met prior to the shipment of your order.
  • Please read this attachment prior to submitting this order.