UC 157 F1

Why UC 157 F1?

  • Tried and true clonal hybrid
  • Very early spear emergence
  • Set standard for yield and spear quality for fresh green asparagus
  • All green, smooth, tight-tipped, medium spear diameter
  • Predominant cultivar in California, Peru, Mexico and other areas with moderate to hot climatic conditions
  • For use in both green and white production
  • High tolerance to fusarium and moderate tolerance to rust and blight
  • Free of AV II

Health Benefits:

  • High in flavonoid and polyphenol content
  • Significantly higher in rutin content than other tested varieties with the highest concentration being in spear tips
  • Good growth inhibitor of colorectal cancer cells


  • For green spear production, a planting depth of 15cm is normally practiced
  • World’s standard variety, preferable cultivation in moderate to hot conditions
  • Recommended planting density for green asparagus is 26,000 – 30,000 plants per hectare; for white asparagus is 18,000 – 22,000 plants per hectare

UC 157 F1 excels in climates with moderate to hot conditions like California, Peru and Mexico. UC 157 F1 has set the standard for yield and spear quality in the fresh market. UC 157 F1 is tested for genetic purity and seed block inspected and certified by the California Crop Improvement Association, ensuring you receive the highest quality asparagus.

" We like UC 157 because it is adaptable to soil and weather of our area (Northern Peru). It is certificated, and high germination and production is guaranteed. It is resistant to fusarium and roya. "

-Pilar Arauco Granados, Corporacion Del Sur S.A., La Libertad Peru