Walker Deluxe F1

Why Walker Deluxe F1?

  • Adapted to temperate, warm and cool climates
  • Early season variety
  • All-male hybrid with very high yield potential
  • Medium green spear with slightly purple bracts
  • Tight headed for smooth appearance
  • For use in fresh, processing and freezing industries
  • High tolerance to rust, fusarium and other foliar diseases


  • For green spear production, a planting depth of 15cm is normally practiced
  • Possible cultivation in cool to warm climates
  • Recommended planting density for green asparagus is 26,000 – 30,000 plants per hectare

Walker Deluxe F1 is a high-yielding male hybrid variety that is adapted to both warm and cool climate conditions. Walker Deluxe F1 is tested for genetic purity and seed block inspected and certified by the California Crop Improvement Association, ensuring you receive the highest quality asparagus.

" The Walker Deluxe F1 is showing early promise in our trial. Huge roots with lots of spears. I can’t wait until we start to harvest the new Deluxe Male variety! "

-Tom Lewis, USA